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General Nutrition

Minerals Classic 500ml

Mineral Solutions 500 ml

Cell Protect 60tablets

CoQ10 30ct

Green Qi 120g

Fiber 240g

Adult Multivitamin  60 tablets

Targeted Health

Hawaiian Noni 500ml

Aloe Vera 500ml

Beauty Nectar 12x90ml

Durian 500ml

Protozymes 60 capsules

Enzymes 60ct

Glucosamine 90ct

MSM 45tablets

Milk Thistle 180ct

Lutein Plus 60capsules

Chitosan 120tablets

Echinacea 50capsules

Weight Management

M3 Body System

Rich Vanilla Protein 480g

Rich Vanilla Protein-twinpack

Rich Chocolate Protein 480g

Rich Chocolate Protein-twinpack

White Kidney Bean 90capsules

Chitosan 120tablets


Ageing Health

Focus 60 capsules

Endurance 60 capsules

Fo-Ti 120 tablets

Omega 3 60ct

Active Health

Acai Boost 12x90ml


Fitness Selection - Chocolate

Fitness Selection - Vanilla

Live Clean Starter Classic with Shampoo

Live Clean Starter Solutions with Shampoo




Cleanser Combination Skin 125ml

Cleanser Dry Skin 125ml

Day Creams

Day Cream Dry Skin 50ml

Day Lotion Combination Skin 50ml

Skin Veil 125ml

Night Creams

Anti-Aging Serum 45ml

Night Cream Combination Skin 50ml

Night Cream Dry Skin 50ml

Wrinkle Guard 20ml

Targeted Skin Care

Antioxidant Gel 30ml

Dual Action Eye Gel 21ml

Exfoliant 50ml

Eye Makeup Remover 120ml

Toner Combination Skin 115ml

Toner Dry Skin 115ml


Modere I/D Anti-Aging System

Modere I/D Morning Collection - Combination Skin

Modere I/D Morning Collection - Dry Skin

Modere I/D Night Collection - Dry Skin

Skin Care Collection for Dry Skin



Moisturizing Shampoo 350ml

Moisturizing Shampoo 4 X 350ml

Shampoo for All Hair Types 350ml

Shampoo for All Hair Types 4x350ml


Moisturizing Conditioner 

Moisturizing Conditioner 4 X 350ml

Conditioner for All Hair Types 350ml

Conditioner for All Hair Types 4 X 350ml


Repairing Hair Mask 125ml

Antioxidant Hair Serum 45 ml

Pump, 350ml Bottle, White


Shower Gel 350ml

Bubble Bath 350ml

Body Butter 125ml

Harmonizing Cream 125ml

Body Lotion 245ml

Body Bar 99g

Soothing Lotion 125ml

Sunscreen 125ml

Deodorant 50ml

Muscle Rub 125ml

Hand Wash 245ml

Lip Balm 10ml

Bathroom Collection


Mouth Rinse 500ml

Toothpaste 175g

Men Care

Men's Body Wash 350ml

Men's Hair Styling Cream 100ml

Men's Post Shave Balm 75ml

Men's Shampoo 350ml

Men's Shave Cream 125ml


Men's Care Collection