Healthy Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

Living an active life is important to staying healthy. Staying active helps to reduce your risk of conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.It’s important to eat right at all times. But when you live an active lifestyle you have got to be sure you’re providing your body with the right nutrients to keep up and never get sick. If you don’t have the proper nutrients then you are more likely to feel exhausted and end up catching colds and other illnesses. So here’s how to eat to energize your body so you can keep up with everything you want to do.

Antioxidants – Fruits and vegetables are a great source of antioxidants.

What this does for your body is that it protects it from damage due to free radicals. Free radicals will cause you to age faster and break down the cells in your body.  Lots of colorful fruits and vegetables will help to neutralize the effects of these free radicals on your body. So fill up your plate, or at least half of it, with these foods.
For extra protection add Cell Protect a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamins and Minerals – Whole grains, low fat dairy, lean meats, and fruits and vegetables all provide the vitamins and minerals needed for energy to fuel an active lifestyle. Our bodies aren’t very efficient in producing the vitamins and minerals needed to function properly, so we have to choose the right foods with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. As often the soil is depleted from minerals due to over cultivation it is important to supplement our diet with extra vitamins and minerals. Without minerals we cannot absorb vitamins. Mineral Solutions contain 67 essential and trace minerals; 17 essential vitamins; 21 amino acids; and 3 enzymes. It is in micro-colloidal ionised “liquid suspension” form, from which our bodies can assimilate 98% of the available nutrition. (Diabetics should use the alternative product  Mineral Classic). Click here to learn more about Mineral Solutions.
If you’ve been taking high energy drinks which are full of sugars you can change to a healthy alternative which is Acai Boost. It contains acai berries and Caffeine from green tea which provides a feeling of alertness while vitamin B1 contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Stay Hydrated – Remember to drink water throughout the day. An important part of nutrition is to remain hydrated, no matter what kind of lifestyle you live.

Healthy Fats – You cannot avoid fat. Most foods contain fat and your body is in need of fat. But you need to choose healthy fats, not empty calories. Eating fats with key fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 will provide you with good heart health and will lubricate your joints. A great healthy fat to eat would be nuts like walnuts. Another healthy option is to soak almonds overnight and eat them the next day with some low glycaemic fruit such as raspberries,strawberries or blueberries.

Modere’s Omega-3 contains both conjugated linoleic and gamma linolenic acids – essential fatty acids which make a vital contribution to healthy detoxification and weight loss. Click here to learn more about Omega-3

What you put into your body – your food and drink – is going to have a huge impact on how you perform throughout the day. So choose the right diet, but then fine-tune how you eat throughout the day based on how you perform. Be open to making changes and space out your eating schedule differently. Doing this will improve your performance, and will help you maintain your active lifestyle and remain in good health while doing it.


Susanna Terry

I have been a practicing holistic health professional and a homeopath for 25 years now treating people for a variety of ill-health. It has been great to see how many of my customers call me to say that they find the Modere products to be an essential part of their daily health regime.