About Us

I have been a practicing holistic health professional and a homeopath for 25 years now treating people for a variety of ill-health. As I had quite a few patients struggling from cancer and other serious health challenges, I searched for a range of products, which would eliminate toxicity and support their health. I made sure that the supplements were natural and that they could help my clients in the areas where they were energetically depleted.

It is a fact that substances which we place on our skin can end up in our system. Therefore I made sure that personal care and skincare products were free from any harmful substances.
I was introduced to the legacy company in 1998 and then to Modere when it was re-branded.
It has been great to see how many of my customers call me to say that they find the Modere products to be an essential part of their daily health regime.
As a busy health professional I find that having the health and wellness range available to my patients but wholly distributed by Modere an extra bonus.
With the reward programme of customers' referral codes my clients save money and at the same time balance and energise their health.

Susanna terry  

Independent Modere Social Marketer



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