Mineral Solutions or Mineral Classic. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

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Mineral Solutions
While you are dieting it is important to give your body vitamins and minerals. Mineral Solutions or Classic is probably the world's most complete ionised micro-colloidal supplement. 
It contains sixty seven essential and trace minerals; seventeen essential vitamins; twenty one amino acids; and three enzymes. Click here to learn more about mineral solutions.
Modere's Chitosan is a binding agent that can greatly contribute to the process of drawing toxic chemical residues out of the body. Fibre is an important element in any detox regime and Chitosan can absorb ten to twelve times its own weight in by-products that contribute to fat buildup. This is of great significance because the great majority of synthetic chemicals posing a significant metabolic risk are in fact fat-soluble rather than water-soluble. Click here to learn more about chitosan,( not for those who are allergic to shellfish.)
Modere's Omega-3 contains both conjugated linoleic and gamma linolenic acids - essential fatty acids which make a vital contribution to healthy detoxification and weight loss.
 Click here to learn more about Omega-3
Green Qi
A powerful further option is the use of alkalisation supplements to effectively counteract the predominantly acidifying effect which the modern diet tends to have throughout the body. Green Qi powder mixed with water alkalises the body and eliminates acids which contribute to ill health and weight gain Click here to learn more about Green Qi.